We are a newly established Fire and Safety Engineering company providing supply and installation of Fire Detection and Fire Protection Systems. We offer a wide range of services from design, supply, installation, maintenance, testing and commissioning of fire detection and fire protection systems. These services are well supported by our team of experts and experienced staffs. All of our product and services are in compliance with ISO 9001quality standards and in accordance with the Department of Fire & Safety (BOMBA). We follow a strict globally accepted standards in providing Fire Safety Solutions for developers, retailers and businesses.
The services and solutions we provide are individually tailored to our client’s need and take account of their objective for statutory compliance, duty of care and protection of their business. Regular inspection and review of all Fire Safety Systems and Equipment is of paramount importance. Our ability to back it up with comprehensive training, efficient maintenance and thorough system know-how has greatly reduced the risks among our various clientele.

With the knowledge and systematic approach of our sound and professional Engineers, Technicians, we were able to develop an excellent service that is second to none. As the economy grows and evolves, the demand of having a more secure and reliable workspace and working environment is on its The evolution of the fast paced economy is as what we are into, with our goals to standards set and as well provide market without sacrificing the high Service and Excellent Customer Support Satisfaction.

To become Malaysia’s Leading Fire and Safety Services Company
To Achieve Zero Default by our Pre-incident Measures and Quality Products and Services


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years of experience

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Our success is built upon a distinct set of values that runs through all our diverse business activities. We will always.
Focus on quality & innovation.
Be Passionate about our customers, employees and the wider communities within which we work.
Honor our commitments.
Conduct business in a responsible & sustainable way in line with our principles.

Guiding Principles are:
Leading by example.
Work as a team, Listen to all.
Transcend our Potential.
Deliver our promises, aim to excel.
To ensure the education, interest and awareness training of new employees in safe working methods before assumption of duty.
To ensure that the organization is a safe place, and the environment, facilities, equipment and substances are subject to safe systems of works to prevent risks to health or safety.
To promote personal responsibility and effort on the part of everyone to avoid and prevent health hazards and injuries to themselves and to others who may be affected by their acts or omissions and cooperate with the organization to comply with its duties, requirements and statutory obligations.
To ensure the use of defensive driving techniques by car drivers and machinery operators.
To ensure that safety is a line management responsibility. Monitor effectiveness of safety policy.
To implement high standards of services in the field of fire detection and fire protection systems.
To ensure all materials, machines and equipment to be used in each project has been subjected to quality inspection.
To attain high level of customer satisfaction through the quality products and services offered by the company.
To verifying and validating both existing and new programs.
To continued research on the improvement of the quality of our products and services.
To conduct a regular internal quality audit and management review for an on-going evaluation and improvement of our quality system.
To implement acts of professionalism in the work environment , whether at the office or at the site and ensure that the quality procedures are well communicated among company employees.
We are committed to the delivery of quality products and services. The objectives of our quality policy which forms part of our vision will be:
To be the organization of first choice for all stakeholders.
To be lean and agile in adopting work processes to compete with the world’s leading businesses.
The Management of Gamma are committed to ensuring that this Policy is implemented safely and in line with current legislation, regulations, codes of practice of Quality Management Systems by all employees within the group.
Continual improvement shall be achieved through the implementation of the Transformation Team, Business Improvement Teams, Business Objectives, Audit, Analysis of Data, Corrective and Preventive actions and Management Review.